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The twinkle in your mother’s eyes or the grin on your father’s face. A tear of joy on your cheek as you walk down the aisle. That knowing smile as you glimpse your soon-to-be-spouse for the first time on wedding day. The laughter and merriment as family and friends celebrate the love of your special day. These are a few of the moments on your wedding day that you will be grateful were frozen in time by a professional wedding photographer.

Your photographer is often the only person (besides family and friends) that share a couple’s entire wedding day from beginning to end. I cherish the honor of being trusted to capture the intimate moments of my clients’ wedding day, whether a large wedding with hundreds of guests, or an intimate wedding with only a handful.

I remain in the shadows as I capture much of your day, taking creative control where necessary (such as family formals or creative wedding party or bride and groom photos). I document your wedding day without interrupting the pure emotion present throughout your day. My image style is classic and clean so your final images are not blemished with radical post-processing that will quickly become outdated. My attention to backup equipment, additional photographers, data backup and security, as well as the use of high-quality equipment and materials ensure that your wedding photos will stand the test of time to be cherished for generations.

I am available for virtually any wedding, including ceremonies with special requirements such as military weddings, special religious or cultural customs, same-sex weddings and weddings with a need for extreme sensitivity, privacy or confidentiality.

Please get in touch so we can chat about your specific needs and come up with a plan to help you cross “hire wedding photographer” off of your to-do list with confidence.


Well stocked at $2,900.00

Gets ya all warm and tingly around $3,400.00

Knocks your socks completely off around $4,500.00

Features included in MOST of my wedding photography packages:

Selection of the additional options I have available:

There is no limit to what I can do for you. If you don’t see that special product or service you had in mind, let me know - I will figure out a way to make it happen!